Pound for Pound – Now in Digital Download Formats


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Pound 4 Pound Book Now Available in Kindle Versions

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It has finally arrived!

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The Pound for Pound Principle

Mike’s first book release, The Pound For Pound Principle, is a book that is part biography, part principle-teaching and all inspiration. Based upon Jesus’ Parable of the Talents, Mike Kai weaves his personal testimony with the journey of the church he pastors, Hope Chapel West O’ahu, that promises to equip and inspire readers to discover that it doesn’t matter what you’ve been given, but that it is what you do with what you’ve got that matters most. The Pound For Pound Principle could possibly be just the right book for you at just the right time.

Order your copy today! Click Here


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The Aftermath of PRAXIS…

As you may have heard, we just completed our first ever Praxis, a practical setting for pastors and leaders/staff that’s in a much different environment than the Equip and Inspire Leadership Conferences we do in the Fall or Arise in January. This year’s “experiment” with Praxis exceeded my expectations! Every time we do something for the first time, there is a some apprehension over how many people will attend and if they get the most value for their dollar. With Ralph Moore, myself, Norman Nakanishi and Brian Houston, I figured we couldn’t go wrong. Especially with having Ps. Brian there.

Over 60 leaders from various denominations in Hawaii and pastors from Nepal, Japan, Thailand and the Philippines, it was a very diverse group that gathered to learn simple and practical tips on pastoring and leading those who follow us to Jesus, as well as leading ourselves. Ps. Norman Nakanishi from Grace Bible Church Pearlside (Every Nation family of churches) gave a great talk on Transitions that got the crowd stirred and thinking about passing on the baton of the ministry to the upcoming generations. Even at the age of 43, I’ve got to give some serious thought to my successor in the next 15-25 years, or however long the Lord wants me to be a senior pastor.

Pastor Ralph Moore, he of 700 church plants throughout the world of all sizes, ethnicities and shapes, schooled us on multiplying the church and seeing the nations as an inheritance. My mentor and father in the spiritual sense, Ps. Ralph gave a thought provoking talk on 5 Mistakes Every Pastor Makes as well as his Multiplication message.

Pastor Brian Houston of HIllsong Church, Sydney, Australia, spoke on Generosity in Leadership, a round table-Q & A Session and an amazing talk on Momentum. Additionally, to bless the Body of Christ in Hawaii, Ps. Brian also spoke at our Encounter Night where over 1,000 people from all over the island came and listened to him preach an incredible message that inspired the Church to not live “Unaware,” in regards to living in the middle of mediocrity.

Check out this clip from the Encounter Night this past Wednesday:

If you’d like to experience this video in it’s entirety, it is available with our Digital All Access Pass where you can purchase the audio of every session from the Leadership Praxis, and as a bonus we’ve included the Encounter Night as a video download.

From the feedback and evaluations, I’d say that Praxis 2011 will likely lead us to Praxis 2012 somewhere next year in Feb-April. Not sure when. But what I am sure of is my gratefulness to all the participants and especially to the staff and volunteers at our church, Hope Chapel West O’ahu, who represented Jesus well in their servant hearted attitude.

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Leadership Praxis 2011

Praxis: The practice and practical side of a profession or field of study, as opposed to the theory.

This February you are welcomed to join an inspring time of being equipped at the Leadership Praxis. Hear from great leaders such as Norman Nakanishi, Ralph Moore, and Special Guest: Brian Houston.

“In our first ever Leadership Praxis, I’m honored to present a platform of some of Hawaii’s most respected, time-tested pastors to assist and equip you with practical “how-to’s” for long-term, fruitful ministry. You’re sure to glean from their successes and failures as they share their experiences and principles with transparency and truth. Designed for senior pastors and staff personnel, it is our hope that this three-day praxis will be both the catalyst for your church and the inspiration for your calling.” Mike Kai – Host and Sr. Pastor, Hope Chapel West O`ahu.

February 22-24, 2011
Hope Chapel West O`ahu
Registration – $250
Special pricing for groups of 5 or MORE!

For More info:
Call: 808-676-5246 Web: EandIconference.com

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the title of this excerpt is called THE KID BROTHER TO FAITHFULNESS

“I’m writing my first book with the encouragement of John Bevere and my mentor, Pastor Ralph Moore. Here’s an excerpt of my first draft. Please excuse my grammar and flow as this is in the beginning stages.”


Faithfulness, I’ve found, has always got a little brother following close behind. He can’t shake it even if he wanted to. Faithfulness is always followed, eventually, by Fruitfulness. But fruit doesn’t always look the same. Some evidence of fruitfulness are easier to spot than others and can be identified quickly. However, sometimes fruitfulness has to be witnessed in the intangibles.

For instance, let’s look at the mango tree. It seems that almost every home I’ve ever lived in there was a mango tree in the backyard. We either had two varieties of mango trees: the common mango or the hayden mango. The fruit could be eaten either if it were green or ripe. If it were green, you’d cut it and dip it in soy sauce, vinegar and pepper. Or, you could boil it in a sweet and sour concoction with food coloring added to it to give it some variety and after a few hours in the fridge it would be called pickled mango. I remember having blue or red lips from the food coloring after feasting on these Hawaiian delicacies as a child. But before the mango is harvested for its fruit, the mango fruit begins as a blossom. It’s the blossom that is the beginning stages of the fruit. As in life and ministry, sometimes you can’t see the fruit yet but if you look closely you’ll be able to identify the blossoms of the beginning stages of fruitfulness. So, fruit will always follow faithfulness. Keep being faithful to what God called you to do, and you’ll bear fruit. When referring to judging people, Jesus said that we could identify His followers by their fruit. In John 15, Jesus also said that we were to remain “joined to the Vine (Jesus himself) if we wanted bear fruit, more fruit and even greater fruitfulness.

One thing we need to keep in mind is that we aren’t in charge of the amount of fruit we bear. We can control what the fruit LOOKS like but not the end results. What we are like will eventually bear witness. Good tree, good fruit. Bad tree, bad fruit. You will always bear fruit. The key is what kind of fruit are you bearing? So faithfulness is always followed by fruitfulness.

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The Accidental Missionary – by Steve Murrell

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Show Me Your Stretch Marks

“And no one puts new wine into old wineskins. For the old skins would burst from the pressure, spilling the wine and ruining the skins. New wine is stored in new wineskins so that bothare preserved.” Matthew 9:17 NLT

During the fermentation process, the carbon dioxide that is developed in the wineskin from the grape skin and juice, pressurizes the wineskin whereby expanding it to capacity. That’s why Jesus said that the old ‘skin would not be able to stand the pressure and would burst, wasting both wine and ruining the old ‘skin.

But in order for our wineskin to expand, we either have to get a new wineskin, or the wineskin that we have has to remain pliable and flexible for an extended period of time.

Our lives or our bodies are like a wineskin. The reason Jesus said that you poured new wine into new wineskins and not old wineskins is because peoples of the Middle East knew that eventually wineskins would become inflexible and brittle because of age and atmosphere. Also, the old ‘skin had conformed to the previous capacity that the old wine had filled.

Stovall Weems, who along with Jentezen Franklin, has inspired us to continue our yearly 21 days of fasting, said, “Remember, God is a filler-er and not a forcer-er? God will only fill us to the capacity in which we allow Him to.” God will not pour into us what we cannot handle or contain.

So the reason for the new wineskin is that fasting renews me to receive all the newness that God has intended for me. Additionally, fasting also stretches my capacity to receive even more than what I carried before.

Have you become inflexible and brittle? Fast with us, and see God stretch you and show you “great and unsearchable things you do not know (Jer. 33:3 NIV).”

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Answering the Unaswerable Questions: A Christian Dialogue with Buddhism

The Buddha taught on many subjects, but there were some questions asked by his disciples that the Buddha did not answer. Dr. Kelly Hilderbrand, a missionary to Thailand, explores Buddhism through these unanswered questions. By looking at new discoveries of modern science, history, philosophy and the Scriptures of both Buddhism and Christianity, we can now answer those unanswered questions. And the answers will surprise you.

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